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Leaving the Station • 2018 rpg

Vincent Perez •

Somehow you repaired the train enough to get it running. God knows if it'll hold up or where these tracks lead. Will you stay or go?

Introduce yourselves. You are three. The train carriage has room for four.

The youngest player goes first as Conductor. 


Conductor: Today you've imagined someplace fantastic the train could go. Describe it.

Convince others to vote go.


Player to Conductor's right: You hesitate. Use what's been said to talk about how that place sounds different and strange. Compare to what is familiar to you.

Convince others to vote stay.


Player to Conductor's left: You gaze at the empty seat. Recount a memory of a loved one. Then flip a coin. You think...

Heads: ...they'd love it there. Why?
Tails: ...they'd hate it there. Why? 

Decide to stay or go. 


Bargain. Vote.

(A)     Stay or go?

(B)     Who gets the last seat? 
        (Don't vote for characters you introduced)

Track both scores across turns. 

If someone hasn't been Conductor yet: Switch roles clockwise. Start new turn.


Check the scores. Will the train stay or go?

Stay: Recall aloud the cities you could've visited. 

Go: Recall aloud the loved ones you've left behind. 


Author Comments

Inspirations: Boccioni’s States of Mind; Mieville’s Polynia and Railsea; Dickenson’s 556; dyp; Semple’s The Chronicles Of…; Fono’s Eternal; Lehman’s Polaris and Beloved; and Beltran, Kelly, and Richardson’s Bluebeard’s Bride.

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