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Torture Traps: The Last to Die, Wins • 2018 rpg

Jon Hook •

Torture Traps: The Last to Die, Wins
By Jon Hook 

This GM-less RPG is a cut-throat survival horror game. 

You and your friends have been captured by an insane serial killer. He explains, "The last one alive is free to go. If more than one person is alive at the end of the game, you all lose!" 

Each player must have four six-sided dice that are uniquely identifiable as belonging only to that player. The player uses the dice to conquer torture traps, and they represent that player's life. If any player is no longer in direct possession of their dice, that player is dead. The players describe the nature of each torture trap, and the results of the dice rolls. 

Torture traps have a rating that must be EXCEEDED to survive it: 
Uncomfortable (5)
Painful (9)
Brutal (13) 
Inhuman (18)

Each player must survive two of each type of torture trap, and be the sole survivor. Failing a torture trap results in the loss of a die. 

Before testing any torture trap, a player may attack another player. Each fighting player rolls all of their dice, the player with the lower total value loses one die. 

Author Comments

Inspired by the Saw and The Belko Experiment movie franchises.

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