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That's Not How It Went Down • 2018 rpg

Tim Pruyn • no link

One person plays as some form of interrogator (detective, school principal, CIA agent, etc.) and the remaining players act as the interrogees (suspect, student, etc.).  Before the start, the players mutually upon the scenario of the interrogation.  The interrogator will start the interrogation and will ask questions that go through the who, what, where, when, how, and why of the alleged crime.  

The interrogator and the interrogees will each have a 1d6 (A single 1d6 is shared among the interrogees).  Each number on the die represents a form of evidence that can be presented that will give momentum of the interrogation to that person.  The higher the number, the stronger the evidence. If presented, the opposing player can either allow the momentum to swing or present their own evidence that refutes the evidence if it is a higher number. A player can also use the same number to refute the evidence, and momentum will be decided on a head-to-head roll. If a player uses a piece of evidence, they can no longer use that number on the die for evidence or on a head-to-head roll.  

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