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OrcQuest • 2018 rpg

Jackson Malloy •

Rampage through the countryside, fighting humies and collectin loot. One of you plays da GAMEBOSS, who runs the game. The rest play da BOYZ. Distribute 7 points between your STATS:

FIGHTIN: Bashin heads
FINKIN: Bein cunnin, bein skilled
FIERCE: Charmin, intimidatin
FEETS: Movin, Sneakin
FWOOSH: Magic, Boss. You can put a 0 here. 

Make up a GIFT: e.g., "Biggun," "'Eavy Armor," "Pyro," "Sneaky," etc. 

When da GAMEBOSS calls for a roll, you get your STAT worth of d6s. If your GIFT applies, take an extra die. If you have a 0, roll 2 dice and take the worst.

If the highest die result is 1-3, you fail. On 4-5, you get what you want but it goes bad. A 6 you gets what you wanted. Double sixes are extra good.  

Some rolls are harder. Da GAMEBOSS'll roll OPPOSITION.
None - Easy, Boss
1d6 - Tricky, Boss
2d6 - Sweatin, Boss
3d6 - ...Boss, Why?

If da GAMEBOSS's highest roll matches or beats yours, drop your highest die. Use your next highest. 

After, mark 1xp for each of the following categories: Loot Retrieved, Mayhem Caused, Gits Beaten. 5xp earns +1 STAT or a new GIFT.

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