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Harmony • 2018 rpg

Ben Tapper •

Players needed: Everyone (7,600,000,000 c2018)

You are an organism in our ecosystem. Work together.
Life is chaos, so every day, roll (2D6, pick one) to determine your role for the day. Share your role with other players:

Understand the balance, harmony, and your place in it. 
Goal: Make 5 choices today that are healthy, benefiting you and the other.

Reward yourself, you've earned it
Goal: Reward yourself, you've earned it

Understand that the things you depend on need care, balance, and compassion. 
Goal: Do 10 things that give back to those who give to you.

Network, be industrious, make. 
Goal: Simply create, as much as you want. Draw, Sing, Forge. Pace yourself.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose; turn blight into growth.
Goal: Find 20 things you can help find a new purpose for. Clean up some trash, donate old clothes, repurpose something broken.

The most important role: Life itself. The thermodyamic randomness, an unusual kink in the timeline of entropy. 
Goal 1: Change 25 small things today, as tiny differences as you want.
Goal 2: Ask someone to join the ecosystem

The game ends when everything is less shitty. If in doubt, keep playing.

Author Comments

I’m the designer, so I’m allowed to roll carnivore more than everyone else. Stop judging me (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

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