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On the Lam • 2018 rpg

J Ford Millburn • no link

Grab friends (2+), pen, piece of paper, dice.
One player is "The Fuzz"
Other players are Fugitives.
Each Fugitive creates Specialty (driving, B&E, forgery, etc).
Write Fugitive names and Specialties. 
Draw box labelled Escape and box labelled Capture.
Decide why Fugitives are "On the Lam".
Fugitives plan their escape.
The Fuzz presents 1st Obstacle (car breakdown, wanted posters, police checkpoints, etc).

Fugitive Turn
Fugitives describe how they overcome Obstacle and each roll a die. 
Fugitives using specialty roll two dice, keeping the highest die. 
A result of 5 or 6 = Luck.
Result of 4 or less = Trouble.
For each Luck, put 1 check in the Escape box.

Fuzz Turn
For each Fugitive who finds Trouble, The Fuzz rolls 1 die.
Result of 5 or 6 = Trouble. 
Result of 4 or less = Luck.
For each Trouble, put 1 check in the Capture box.

Based on the turn results, The Fuzz describes what happens next and provides the next Obstacle.

Repeat Fugitive and Fuzz turns until 10 or more checks in either box.
10 or more checks in the Escape box = Fugitives escape!
10 or more checks in the Capture box = the fugitives are captured!

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