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Trickster's Game • 2018 rpg

Filip Pantic •

The treasure awaits, but the curse of the maze is just around the corner! Two voices are guiding you, but who can you trust?

Four players required to play. 
Each player takes one of the cards that determine their role. 

2 adventurers
1 cartographer
1 trickster 

The 2 adventurers don't know who the trickster is and who the cartographer. 

The party enters a cursed maze in search for the treasure.
The maze is divided by covered tiles under.

Both the cartographer and the trickster know which tile hides the treasure, but the trickster also knows the locations of the traps.
The cartographer tries to guide the party towards treasure, while the trickster tries to guide them away while pretending to be the cartographer. The two adventurers must decide who to trust and follow.

The party moves one tile per turn in any available direction at the moment and uncovers them as they go.
There is a time limit that puts more pressure on the adventurers to decide who to trust.

If the time expires, or the party enters a trap 3 times, the trickster wins.
If the party finds the treasure, the adventurers and the cartographer win.

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