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ZineFest! • 2018 rpg

Pete Rude • Http://

For many players. You're all zinesters who want to make new zines for the upcoming zinefest.

Any zine you make is an experience- with each issue, each page, you're getting better at your craft and gaining more skill.

Roll 1d6. Your zine is that many pages. Reroll on a 1. If you roll the same number as another player, you both collaborate on the same zine!

Choose the content of your zine or use a prompt! Roll 1d6 for a prompt:
1- autobio comics
2- poetry
3- book/movie/tv review 
4- a recent dream
5- diy instructions
6- a social issue you're passionate about 

What is your zine titled? Is it the first issue of a series or a one-shot you don't plan to continue? 

Zines have to have covers. Put together something related to the content or anything you think is interesting!

Once everyone's made their zines, the zinefest arrives. One of the best things about zines is getting them out there- finding people who see themselves in your work, having yourself heard, learning from the works of others. Trade your zine with someone else!

Thank the other zinesters, and say goodbye until next time.

Author Comments

Huge thank you to my pack, especially my wife Ceci, Taylor LaBresh, and everyone in the Riverhouse Games family

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