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Revenant • 2018 rpg

Adriano Bompani • no link

You live.

You die.

You come back from the dead only to find out that life goes on without you.

You are the Revenant ("you" and "Revenant" are interchangeable), the other players are Anchors.

The game is divided into 7 phases.

1) Describe who you are: Revenant's name, looks, personality. Ask Anchors to define and describe themselves in relation to you: lover, spouse, child, friend, etc.

2) Each Anchor in turn frames a short slice-of-life scene with you, answering: "What Need of this Anchor does the Revenant satisfy?". Example: sex, love, guidance, support, etc.

3) Describe how you die - literally or symbolically: accident, murder, suicide, life sentence, vanished, etc.

4) Each Anchor in turn frames a scene WITHOUT you, answering: "Who is the Other that satisfies this Anchor's Need while the Revenant is gone?".

5) Describe when and how you come back from the dead: zombie, ghost, presumed dead, Ulysses, etc.

6) Each Anchor in turn frames a scene with BOTH you and the Other, answering: "Can the Revenant come back into this Anchor's life?"

7) Answer: "Can I still have my old life back? If not, what do I do?", then narrate an epilogue.

Author Comments

This is my first “200 Word RPG Challenge”. I tried to be as clear and direct as possible, trusting the mechanics (as simple as they are) to drive home the theme that was in my mind.

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