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Liberum Veto • 2018 rpg

Ian N. Howard • no link

In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth the nobles voted for the king. Time to play politics.


Create Nobles
Year and King's death recorded
Create Candidates
Candidate Speeches
Candidate Influencing
Noble's Vote (If Liberum Veto used return to 2)
King crowned/Bonuses awarded

Candidates have stats; Wealth, Claim, Popularity, Power. There are six points to distribute.

Nobles have; Voting Block, Land, Military, Wealth. There are six points to distribute. Nobles have Prestige at 0.

During Candidate Influencing, Candidates can give stats to non-attached Nobles. This counts towards election effects later.

Nobles can spend 1 point: Wealth on Extra d4 in Voting Block, Land increases Voting Block permanently, Military increases Land permanently.

Election is Voting Blocks from the Nobles plus d4 roll for each Candidate. The highest total wins.

A Candidate, if elected King, gives 1/2 of their stat (plus gifts), rounded down, to Nobles who supported them; Wealth - Wealth, Power - Land, Popularity - Military and Claim - Voting Block. The Noble connected to the King (same player) increases Privilege by 1.

Liberum Veto: If a Noble does not want the vote to pass they may declare "Liberum Veto" at anytime and stop the election.

The first noble to have Influence 4 has won.

Author Comments

I found this process fascinating as usual. Thank you for putting this challenge out there and letting us explore design. I also wanted to share that I am special education teacher at the high school level and I used this challenge in one of my small group English classes to practice writing. It worked great.

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