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Exclusive: Gold Leaf and Broadsheets • 2018 rpg

Jacqueline Bryk •

One player is a Dictator. They should come up with a title, a country, and a general personality. They should also pick a number of Items from the list below (=Journalists + 1) to be present in their stronghold.

The other players are Journalists. They should come up with names for themselves, as well as the publications they represent. Each Journalist also picks an Item from the list below. This Item intimidates them.

The Dictator invites the Journalists into their home for an exclusive interview. While the Journalists may ask any question of the Dictator with impunity, they are not immune to being intimidated. If a Journalist is annoying the Dictator, they may describe an Item in their stronghold, trying to intimidate the Journalists. Any Journalist who is intimidated can only fawn and flatter for the rest of the game.

Game ends when the Dictator gets bored of the Journalists.

1. Oversized desk
2. Crown
3. Hot tub
4. Portrait
5. Mosaic
6. Trophy spouse
7. Shoe collection
8. Sword
9. Impressive entryway
10. Throne
11. Golden rococo chairs
12. Armor
13. Decommissioned tank
14. Tiger
15. Chandelier
16. Guillotine
17. Ferrari
18. Bear
19. Persian carpet
20. Other (specify)

Author Comments

Based on Peter York’s book “Dictator Style”. See his article on Trump’s taste here:

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