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Turing Test Subject #371 • 2018 rpg

Thomas Mothman & Elias Mulhall • no link

One player is the Proctor, the other is the Subject. The Proctor must determine if the Subject is human or android. The test measures empathy, gauged by the Subject's geniality.

Place a d6 in front of you, 1 facing up. You must test the Subject's humanity through an interview. You have read the Subject's file and know about their life. Start friendly and lighthearted, then escalate in specificity, bluntness, and hostility. Whenever the subject is not actively genial toward you or seems off in any way, increase the number on the die by one. If it reaches six, you find the Subject to be synthetic. They are delivered to the AI Disassembly Unit. Everything else is up to your discretion.

You are sure you are human. To prove it, you must remain amiable. When asked a question, roll a d6.

1-2: There is a significant detail in the question that differs from reality.
3-4: The question raises more complicated feelings than either of you anticipate.
5: You initially misunderstand the question.
6: You suspect the question connotes knowledge of a deeper secret.

Answer as you see fit. 

The interview continues until the Proctor is satisfied.

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