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Retail • 2018 rpg

Linus Chan •

Welcome to new employee orientation at [INSERT FICTIONAL STORE NAME HERE]. Before we begin, please write down your name on the provided name tags and introduce yourself to the group. First say your full name, your age, how long you've worked here, and what you would eventually like to do instead of working here. Players may optionally choose to be friends, enemies, family, acquaintances, or none of the above. 

Once you've all been acquainted, choose a player to go first. When it's your turn, choose a scene below and flip a coin. The coin flip determines whether it's a good (heads) or bad (tails) outcome for you. Anyone may contribute, but they act as supporting characters to the current player's conflict. 

-	Someone took something off the shelf and put it into their pocket. 
-	An ex of yours notices you and starts walking over to you. 
-	The boss calls you in for a "conversation." 
-	Something is malfunctioning in the store. Fix it. 
-	Weird customer at register. 
-	Angry customer at customer service. 
-	Coworker no one likes provokes you.

Continue until everyone has gone once. Then, everyone flips a coin to determine how their day ends. Narrate appropriately.

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