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Has This Ever Happened To You? • 2018 rpg

DungeonLester •

Bust out the monopoly money.

Everyone makes up a company and vendor name, someone to be the face of their company and sell products. You'll be playing them alongside a helpless consumer.

Whoever comes up with their vendor first then plays the first consumer.

The consumer describes a problem they've encountered and are helpless to combat on their own. If you aren't sure what to say. Try "Has this ever happened to you?"

Everyone else gets a chance to pitch the consumer a product as their vendor, in the form of an informercial, that will help with the problem. The consumer can choose to change the channel if a pitch is going on for too long, moving on.

Once each vendor has made their pitch, the consumer splits up $100 among the vendors, how much they're willing to pay for the products. These are basically points. Consider each consumer to have each product they properly paid for though. The consumer then chooses the next consumer from players who haven't gone.

Once everyone's been a consumer, the current round ends. Play for as many rounds as you want but the money awarded doubles each round, and problems should be more dramatic.

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