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The Kraken's Tentacles • 2018 rpg

TalkinNerdy •

The Kraken's Tentacles 

Set up: 
Players each have eight dice in front of them representing for player one, eight sailors in his crew, for player two, eight tentacles of the Kraken.
Each dice starts with its highest value facing up. 
Player one begins a tale of the brave sailors, from any era on any seas.
Then player 2 begins a tale of the deadly Kraken. 

Story telling phase;
Player one chooses to add to the story of the sailors or the Kraken, which ever perspective he chooses he may roll one dice belonging to that character. Where it lands is the new value for that dice.
The next player does the same process choosing either perspective for herself. 
New story segments must pick up where the last left off.
Story segment should be exiting and end on a cliff hanger or decision point.

Attack phase;
Both players add up the numbers shown face up on their dice. Whoever has the most gets to subtract the difference from their opponents dice in any combination. If a dice is reduced to zero it is removed from the game.

The game ends when one player's dice are all reduced to zero.

Author Comments

Thanks for checking out my game! May the four winds sail you safely home!

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