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Wank-Breaker • 2018 rpg

Claytonian JP •

Wank-breakers fight The Wank, the power that seeds the world with dungeons and villains.

To do something, roll a d6.

1: Enemy crits you (their damage explodes).
2: You take 1d6 damage.
3: An exchange of damage.
4 or 5: Damage your enemy; a 5 gives you a stunt too.
6+: You may crit, stunt, add another target, or another die to this attack. Reroll this die.

"Enemy" means any problem. Enemies have one or more d6 HD. 

PCs have 1d6 HP to start and regain all HP after each scene. 0 HP kills, petrifies, ensorcelles, or makes one give up, etc. as appropriate.

Generate a damn PC: Fighter (+2 dmg vs flesh), Wizard (+1d6 to spells), Sharper (four +2 dmg skills). Name/describe 2 "near" abilities and one "far". Only spells can heal others.

Stunts are extras you can add to an action with a 5 or 6. They could be pushes, trips, disarms, called-shots etc.

To gain anything (stat boost, more HD, bigger dice, etc.), you must find a narrative way to take it (eat a demon's heart, etc).

There are 2 ranks to each side when fighting. Far rank is impossible without allies.

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