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Asylum • 2018 rpg

Daniel Teixeira de Carvalho •

	You reside in an institution made to help the mentally ill, either as a patient (6), a orderly (8), a nurse (10), or a doctor (12). No matter the role you play, you will eventually face the collapse of your own reality.

Game mechanics:
	The value in front of the roll represents your sanity. During your stay, said sanity will be put to the test, either by the environment itself, or the crazed behaviors of the poor souls that keep you company. 
	If you come across something horrendous, something that can go from a strange moan in a language you don't understand out of a dead end, to someone gouging his/her own eyes, roll a d4. The result will reduce your sanity. 
	Your role may help you in some cases, be it by your years of experience or your knowledge of treatments and medicine. Make these calls, and if the Caretaker agrees, roll a d4 against the sanity penalty. If this roll is higher than the previous one, you regain the difference.
	If your sanity reaches 0, you collapse and the Caretaker decides what end comes to you.

Final words:
	How far can you go before breaking? 

Author Comments

Special thanks to the guys from Rola Iniciativa

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