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Tales of the Forgotten • 2018 rpg

Nick Stewart • no link

I knew three prisoners, much like yourselves. Trapped on this island surrounded by nothing but ice and chop. The guards say no one has ever escaped, but those three did.

There are secrets hidden on the island. The three discovered many, but not all. They used them to tell stories and live in worlds far from here.

One played the villain in each story, never repeating.

Each story has 3 (elements), one for each section, in any order.

Story 1: Abandoned Tunnels (silence, conspiracy, darkness)

Beginning: Villain describes something hidden.
Middle: Heroes narrate discovering it.
End: Heroes and Villain fight, both narrating, Villain loses.

Villain asks in defeat "How can I find hope in a hopeless place?"
Heroes answer.

Story 2: Fractured Garden (nature, color, light)

Beginning: Heroes find beauty.
Middle: Villain corrupts that beauty.
End: Heroes banish Villain and corruption.

Villain asks in defeat "Am I allowed to enjoy the beauty around me? Should I allow myself?"
Heroes answer.

Story 3: Crumbling Lighthouse (daring, unstable, storm)

Beginning: Villain takes something precious from Heroes.
Middle: Heroes face an unexpected foe.
End: Heroes confront Villain at the top.

Villain asks in defeat "How much suffering is enough?"
Heroes answer.

The End.

Author Comments

Thanks to RPG Workshop in Seattle for the kind words, help, and motivation to make and playtest games. Thanks to SGS and Narrative Games Northwest for inspiring me to look for stories everywhere, finding friends along the way.

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