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Pedagogy • 2018 rpg

Keith Stetson •

You are a TEACHER instructing monstrous CHILDREN how to be functioning members of society. If left to their basest instincts, these children will literally kill people and feast on their remains. 

TEACHER writes down their first LESSON goal. CHILDREN will learn that, and only that. 
CHILDREN secretly decide what they did during the summer by following their basest instincts.

CHILDREN tell TEACHER what they did over summer. 
TEACHER teaches their pre-prepared LESSON. CHILDREN learn the LESSON exactly.

TEACHER writes down their next LESSON goal. 
CHILDREN secretly decide what they do by following their basest instincts and any LESSONS remembered. To see if a LESSON is remembered, one CHILD flips a coin for each LESSON. Forgotten LESSONS return to TEACHER.

CHILDREN tell TEACHER what they did the night before. If CHILDREN followed all the LESSONS taught (remembered or not) they gain a COIN. Otherwise, TEACHER gains a COIN.
TEACHER teaches either the pre-prepared LESSON or a forgotten LESSON. CHILDREN learn that LESSON exactly.

Repeat the NIGHT and DAY cycle until CHILDREN have gained enough money to function in society, TEACHER has gained enough money to quit, or EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM collapses under its own bloat.

Author Comments

Based on my experiences as an elementary special education teacher and a certain book I don’t want to name because spoilers.

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