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HAIL SATAN! • 2018 rpg

Stephen Oteri •

You are all in a demonic cult!
Problem: You are not all in a demonic cult.
Cultists: You must sacrifice the outlier!
Non-Cultists: Don't get sacrificed.

Before the game, each player blindly takes a slip of paper with
one the following roles of either "Cultist" or "Non-Cultist". 

Choose a player to start the round and say a prayer about the dark lord.
All players must close their eyes. 

At the end of the prayer, the speaking player must announce, "PRAISE BE!".
In response, all Cultists will respond in unison, "HAIL SATAN!". 
If you are a Non-Cultist, You CANNOT ever say "HAIL SATAN!" but you can say something similar or sounds like it. Try to blend in.

After the prayer, all players open their eyes.
Accusations may be made followed by a new round.

After all players have a turn to speak, everyone nominates the player who made the best prayer for the dark lord as "Cult Leader". Cult Leader now makes the decision on who to sacrifice.

If you are a non-cultist and get chosen for cult leader, you lose as you got in too deep. This player still gets to choose who to sacrifice if there are remaining Non-Cultists.

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