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Flight 23 • 2018 rpg

Chris Bennett • no link

You are exhausted travelers who have been herded to the back of an airliner after suicidal hijackers took control over a populated area.

When you see "WORSE", any player should narrate the situation clearly getting worse; based on the hijackers, other passengers or something outside the plane. Use little details. Make it real.

You are going to die and you are trying to come to terms with this as a group.


Who are each of you? Why did you travel? Who do you desperately wish you could speak to?


Each character in turn can voice why they are angry about this situation. Use real emotions.


Each character should express a deep regret they have in their life. Why does it affect you?


Each character should point at who they are relying on for strength, and ask them for a few words of reassurance, even though they know it is useless. How are you holding on to these words?


Talk quietly about what is going to happen and if you are ready for it. Don't agree. Just speak your mind.


You see an opportunity to possibly overcome the hijackers. Do you take it? Vote silently.

Author Comments

Thank you all for your time and effort!!!

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