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Villain's Narcissism • 2018 rpg

Andy Berdan •

A game for 1-2 players. You were a minion of a Super-Villain, but now reside in a secure holding facility. You are being questioned. Write your answers in a journal, or confess to an observer.

Section 1: You and the Villain

Answer all questions:

* What is your name?
* What did the Villain give you that you didn't want, but had to take?
* What is your role within the Villain's organization?
* Why do you love the Villain, and how did you let them know before the mission?

Section 2: The Failed Mission

Answer all questions:

* What was the Villain's target for this Mission?
* Was the Villain planning to Take, Destroy, or Ransom the target?
* You were responsible for the next step in the plan. What was it?
* How did you partially succeed?
* How did the Villain make it clear that you failed?
* How did you get caught, while the Villain escaped without consequence?

Section 3: Years pass, the Villain returns

Answer all questions:

* Do you still love the Villain, despite their flaws?
* Would you go on another mission for them? If so, state how you would improve things. Repeat Sections 2 and 3. You still fail.

Author Comments

Villain’s Narcissism was my attempt to build a game out of a very very personal experience – that of growing up with a loved one with narcissistic personality disorder. I was struck at how the cinematic portrayal of supervillains and their emotionally abusive relationships to their lackeys seemed to mirror my own experiences. You may find a more formalized version of the game at

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