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Dream Heist • 2018 rpg

Andrew Carpenter •

For 2-5 players.
Requires Tarot deck.

Divide the Tarot into suits.
Give one to each Agent.
The Dreamer takes the Arcana.

* Names a memory the Agents must try to access;
* Narrates the scene of the dream.

* Try to navigate the dream and draw out the memory.

* Agent shuffles and draws a card.
* Dreamer draws an Arcana card (-10 for cards over 10).
* Whoever gets higher describes the outcome. Ties are a stalemate.

Hostile Challenges:
* If Agent loses, they look at their deck and discard values totaling the difference.

Special cards:
Page - failure, with upside
Knight - success, with downside
Queen - success with Compassion
King - success with Authority

Fool - Agent succeeds, regardless
World - Agent fails, regardless

Changing the Dream:
* Agent calls for a Change.
* Dreamer deals one Arcana card.
* To proceed, Agent looks at their deck and plays cards onto the Arcana equal to its value.
* Agent describes the Change, relating to the Arcana's meaning/imagery.
* Challenges during a Change are Hostile.
* Cards stay in play, and are returned once the Change is resolved.
* If Agent does not pay, they must discard one random card.

Agents who run out of cards are ejected from the dream.

Author Comments

Thanks to Ashton McAllan for introducing me to the challenge.

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