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Dream for Your Life • 2018 rpg

Giacomo Lodi • no link

Players, while hibernated on an ark-ship, reached their destination. The waking process is failing, enhancing their cryo-dreams!

Set a turn counter, signifying time spent dreaming. If it depletes, players are trapped in the dream forever and loose. 

Using a poker deck, cards represent tiredness (black) or awakening (red). Players will progressively gain awareness and eventually realize they are dreaming.

Adjust number of decks and turn counter to change difficulty (2 - 100 recommended)

Narrator creates a dream-scene (+lowers the turn counter by 1):

- New Dream
- Flashback/Flash-forward
- Connected on Different setting

He also determines a challenge:
"The aliens are charging!"

Players then, going in circles, have a choice to draw a card or "stay", affecting the challenge 
(1 min - 6 max cards, shuffle when out of cards)

Black = Narrator adds dream-like oddities and complications:
"The daggers you use turn incandescent....!"

Red = Who drew narrates a boon instead:
".... and I'm wearing mittens!"

Number of Black determines which dice is thrown (Standard set, d4 to d20). 
Success = 3 largest values 

If challenge is lost, reduce turn counter by amount of cards drawn. Otherwise, remove all black cards drawn this challenge.

When they are all gone, players wake up to enjoy their new world.

Author Comments

Inspiration for this came while I was thinking about dreams and how weird they can get. Thanks to Adrian Tchaikovsky and his beautiful novel “Children of Time” I’m also deeply in love with long distance space travel.

Take the two, combine some creative juice, and this game is born. Thanks for everyone who will read this and end up playing it, I hope I gave you a good time.

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