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Air Traffic Control Room • 2018 rpg

E. L. Shepard • None.

This is a very frustrating game for crazy-loud people and people who write really quickly! 

Materials: Paper, pens, outside voices

The quietest person or the best listener is the Air Traffic Controller. (You can also take turns, if you like.) Everybody else is a Pilot.

Set a timer for sixty seconds. Now, the Pilots write down as many flight times, weather hazards, delays, cancellations, etc. as they can think of. When the timer goes off, stop.

Next, set a timer for three minutes. During this time, the Pilots SHOUT everything they wrote at the Air Traffic Controller. The Air Traffic Controller writes down as much as they can hear on their paper. 

When the timer goes off, stop. The Air Traffic Controller reads everything they wrote. The Pilots mark all of the data that the Air Traffic Controller got right.

The Pilots take turns making up stories about the problems that occured. What happened to that flight to Nashville that got delayed four hours? Were the Beatles on that plane? Did they miss their own concert? 

Endgame Scoring: Tally up the number of correct data points that each Pilot communicated. The Pilot who correctly communicated the most is the winner! 

Author Comments

Many thanks for playing! (WARNING: Air Traffic Control Room is not to be played in a library or other quiet place.) ; )

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