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Intents • 2018 rpg

Ran Harpaz •

Characters act based on intents.

Suggestions for intents: Attack, Defend, Protect, Distract, Deceive, Avoid, Support, Assist, Convince, Understand, Predict, Alter Scene, Craft.

All players must agree on a common list of intents.

Characters start with all intents at 0. They can increase any by decreasing another (minimum initial score: -1, maximum: +2).

An action is described by "I want to [Intent], so I [Action description]". If GM approves of the combination, roll 2d6. 

[Result score] = ([number of 5s & 6s] - [number of 1s & 2s]) + [intent score]

An action is successful if the Result matches or beats its difficulty (medium =1, challenging =2, monstrous=3)

A session is split into story sections (which may include as many actions as needed), and discreet challenges.

A challenge is a sequence of actions, accumulating a sum of the Result scores, to match or beat a challenge score, normally around [difficulty * complexity * #characters]. Complexity is the number of rounds in the challenge.

In every round, each character must have a turn (sequence of play determined by a 2d6 roll), but cannot repeat an intent used by the previous character, or the last intent used by the same character.

Author Comments

This is a generic resolution system built for any and every scenario. It was built for simplicity and accessibility.

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