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Steel and Potion • 2018 rpg

Nicolas Bohnenberger • no link


Choose Warrior, Scoundrel, or Alchemist. Note down Endurance, once-per-session Edge and associated Advancement, plus Gear.

Warrior: 3, Robust: +1 die on Defense roll. 
Scoundrel: 2, Precise Strike: +1 die on Attack roll.
Alchemist: 1, Philosopher's Shard: Instantly create extra Vial of a known Concoction.


Choose one after each adventure and note down Advancement. 

Warrior: +1 to Attack or Defend.
Scoundrel: You can bypass a new mechanism.
Alchemist: Learn Concoction that grants Boon. 


Only players roll. 3 dice + modifiers if any for resolutions. Dice = d6. 
9+: Success.
8-. Failure.

Combat goes Players first, then Storyteller.

Damage _____ by PCs, when it matters:
Suffered: 9 - Roll. 
Dealt: Roll - 9. 

If Damage is higher than Endurance, target is Wounded: PCs roll -1 die, players roll +1 die against Wounded NPCs.

Adventure yields Coins; they purchase Gear.

Weapons are Melee or Ranged. Sacrifice Shields to deny amage.


Enemies and Environment Elements have Tags that describe them; DM uses them to decide if a task is Easy or Hard (+/- 1 die to roll). Enemy Endurance ranges from 0 to 4. Environments have 1 to 4 Tags.

Artifacts break the rules. Go wild.

Tell a story together. Make it awesome.

Author Comments

This is a great creative challenge, and one that had me finally take the leap and try and write a game. Thanks.

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