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Little Katy's Tea Party • 2018 rpg

NuclearManatee •

Make tea. Sit around a table with an extra chair. 
This was Katy's chair, but it's no more.
You'll play scenes of the past to find out why.

You're Katy's Friend - a kid, puppet, or pet. 
Describe yourself through Katy's eyes.

Take turns at framing scenes regarding Katy's discomfortable events.
Take a sip of tea to play the scene in character, otherwise play it out-of-character.

You did your best to help Katy. 
Your acts against Katy's discomfort were successful, provided another player agrees by taking a sip of tea. 
Another player can suggest a different outcome instead:
- you can take a sip of tea and agree;
- or you can reveal something discomforting about you in Katy's eyes: this made you successful and cuts the scene. The third time you do this, you'll become a Monster to her.
Monsters cannot succeed against discomfort unless all other players takes a sip of tea.

Play Katy's reactions.
Describe the source of Discomfort: that's all that isn't a character.

When most players have finished their tea: 
- each Friend says something that Katy still remembers.
- each Monster says something that eventually drove her away.

Author Comments

I just wanted to add a game to the pile of good reasons why people have 5 o’clock tea.

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