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Return • 2018 rpg

Caith • no link

Requirements: Two d6 dice.

Alan brought you along as usual on his Pickup Truck. He left in secret to pick up his Daughters Birthday Gift. As Sallies Doggies, you can already feel and smell the happy air all around.
Until Alans tire pops that is. As the Car veers off Road, fear strikes you and you must make the jump off the back of the car.
Roll a d6 to determine how well you jumped off. The value rolled is now your agility stat.
While you land on the ground, you can hear the crash behind you.
And there he is, Alan, stuck in the car. All he makes are groaning noises. Clearly you should pull him out of the car. Roll a d6 to determine how well you pull him out. The value rolled is now your strength stat.
You need to get to Sally. She'll know what to do.

With the power to bark, you embark on your journey home.
When rolling to surpass a challenge, add your stat modifier to your 2d6.
1-6	= Fail
7-9	= Success
10-12	= Great Success
13+	= Perfect Success
The game ends when Sally is reached. She saves Alan.

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