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Does anyone remember Bob? • 2018 rpg

Simon Gottwald • no link

Most of you joined the support group when the first symptoms emerged. Others waited a lot longer.
Some of you are here for the first time. Some have been coming for months.

All of you had heard stories about the illness long before you were infected: How it spreads. The growths. The deformations. The camps.
But none of you knew which stories were true and which ones just rumours. You still don't know for sure.
There is no cure. The transformation is inevitable. It will only get worse. You will be taken away.
That's what they say.

You are hiding your infection from your relatives and friends. This group is the only place where you can talk freely about it. About what you've heard. About what you've seen. About what you experience.

Appoint one group leader. Everyone tells their story. Talk about your fears. Introduce facts and rumours about the illness. Share memories. Disagree if necessary. Try to work out the truth about the illness or at least an approximation of it.
Go back and forth. Expand upon what other people say. No monologues. The group leader intervenes if necessary.

The session ends after one hour. Meet again next week.

Author Comments

A game of Body Horror and rumours.

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