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The Will of All • 2018 rpg

The Intrepid Panda • no link

Heist the jewels. Escape the haunted house. Win the regatta. Deliver the intel. 

Succeed together. Fail alone.

Choose a Game Steward to predetermine (number of players x 3) obstacles, decide whether actions are applicable, and set the difficulty threshold for die rolls.

Gather (number of players + 1) d10s into a shared resource pool. 

Each player declares three actions their character can always do.

The Steward presents obstacles narratively and sequentially.

Any player may overcome an obstacle by doing one of their declared actions, if directly applicable. If multiple players can overcome an obstacle this way, they may do so together.

Any player with an indirectly applicable action may spend a die from the resource pool to try to improvise a solution. To succeed, the resource die must be rolled accordingly: "That should work" - 1 or higher, "That might work" - 4 or higher, "That seems far-fetched" - 7 or higher. The die starts at zero.

A die is added to the resource pool whenever all players overcome the same number of obstacles.

The game ends when the players cannot overcome an obstacle or there are no obstacles left. If there are no obstacles left, the player who overcame the most obstacles wins.

Author Comments

With this RPG, I wanted to create a substrate upon which a specific type of story could be built, particularly that of the tension between individual desire and group necessity, regardless of genre or setting.

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