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RDADAPDADAG • 2018 rpg

Stephen Karnes • no link

-Paints and brushes or crayons
-Pile of collage elements

RDADAPDADAG takes place in 5 phases over as many rounds as you want.
Before beginning a round, choose roles:
-Muse (x1)
-Critic (x1)
-Everyone else is an Artist

1. Name your artist.
2. Muse assigns you a color.
3. Everyone decides round length. Muse sets timer for round.
4. Artists draw until Muse intervenes. As often as he or she likes, Muse rolls 1d10 and consults the Inspiration Table. All artists complete task, then continue drawing until Muse intervenes again. Stop when timer ends.
5. Artists each roll 1d10 and use exact number of words to create title.
6. Critic judges two best, they become Critic and Muse for next round.

1. Muse's Choice
2. Rotate paper 180°
3. Cut paper vertically, switch sides, glue together
4. Add collage element (Muse chooses randomly)
5. Trade papers counterclockwise
6. Trade papers clockwise
7. Rotate paper 90° counterclockwise
8. Rotate paper 90° clockwise
9. Cut paper horizontally, switch sides, glue together
10. Change color (Muse chooses randomly)

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