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Circus Clown Bank Robbery • 2018 rpg

ghoek • N/A

You are a circus clown. You and your clown colleagues are robbing a bank. Why? How? That will be discovered as the story progresses. The GM fills in the scene. You can request a backstory scene anytime to flesh out how things got to where they are. Write down details as you elaborate on your character. Who are you? Who are the other characters? What brought you to this? You will find out as they are defined through narrative storytelling. If you take a contested action (where there is a chance of failure and consequences for failure), roll two dice. For something your character is bad at, take the lowest result. For something your character is good at, take the highest. Otherwise, take the average. 1-3 is failure, 4-6 success, round up. The backstory you create dictates your character's skill.
Maybe you're not after the money, maybe you're stealing sensitive documents from a safety deposit box.  Maybe you need money to pay for your daughter's surgery, or crave the thrill, or have no retirement, or you are a just simple clown mixed up in a robbery. 
Now, one of you must shout "EVERYONE ON THE GROUND" and begin.

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