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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde • 2018 rpg

Benjamin Mythossanta Paulson •

By: Benjamin "Mythossanta" Paulson

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A 200 Word RPG

Get a friend. Decide who is Dr. Jekyll and who is Mr. Hyde.
Get 12 playing cards, 6 red and 6 black. Shuffle them together.
Draw a card and reveal it to start a scene. 
If the card is red Jekyll is in control and Hyde is the GM, and if the card is black Hyde is in control and Jekyll is the GM.
If a player wants to do something and the outcome is uncertain, the GM sets a difficulty 1 through 5 and the player must roll above it on 1d6.
Hyde is Cruel, Impulsive, Lecherous (roll 2d6, keep the highest when acting as such)
Jekyll is Kind, Reserved, Chaste (roll 2d6, keep the highest when acting as such)
When the scene is over draw a new scene.
When the 10th scene is over the game ends in a tragedy. 

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