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Fables and Folktales • 2018 rpg

Ryan Cooper •

We tell stories to explain and entertain. These stories are communal and change with the storytellers. Your job is to work together, tell a story, and build a bond. There is no failure, only growth.


3+ players
A coin

Roll 1d6 to determine the type of story:

1- Explanation of world phenomena
2- Deity story
3- Trial of a hero
4- Creation story
5- World's end story
6- Trickster fable

Begin with the oldest player. Choose the setting and begin telling a story. Continue until a decision must be made by a character.

 Flip the coin: heads, the decision has a positive outcome and leads to creation or explanation. Tails, the decision has a negative outcome and leads to destruction or confusion. Write down the coin flip and then make the decision.

The next player continues the story until another decision must be made. Repeat above rules. 

Repeat for every player.

After each player has a decision made in the story, refer to the number of flipped coins.

 If more positive outcomes or negative outcomes were made, the beginning player ends the story with a positive ending or negative ending, respectively.

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