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Heist • 2018 rpg

Stav Rakner •

Trade Spire Building - Room 713 @ 2pm 

This is what your new pager, given to you by your new boss (Codename: The Director), reads. The Director's instructions were simple: follow every direction the pager gives you. 

1984 will be your year! Your new employer Shadow Inc. Hired to do what you do best: steal, con, coerce, and finagle your way to collecting secrets, artifacts, weapons and technology from other entities. Countries, corporations, and secret societies, all are fair game!

Decide on the following for a Background:
Characteristic (Charming, Wise, Hot-Headed, Quick, etc.)  
Ex-Profession (Soldier, Thief, Con-Artist, IT, etc.) 
Hobby (Model-Making, Painting, Acting, Music, etc.)
Secret (Wanted, Cowardly, Out For Revenge, etc.)
Specialization (Demolitions, Hacking, Piloting, Gambling, Acrobatics, Gadgets, etc.)

Distribute these values (d6, d8, d10, d10) to one of the following skills:
*Specialization (as determined above)

Roll the die written by the designated skill. Advantages and Disadvantages can be given based on the character's background and situation. Advantages lower the Die size (min d4), and Disadvantages raise it (max d12).

1-3: Complete Success!
The Two Highest Numbers on the Die (except only 4 on d4): Catastrophe!
The Rest: Partial-Successes and Consequences

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