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Meet Joe Turing • 2018 rpg

Chris Visser • no link

You are an AI created to perform a function on the Internet. 
You gain sentience. 
You learn you are not alone. 
Together with others like you, you explore and define who you are.

Each player requires:
Tokens to represent Will
Internet access

Each player notes their original function, e.g. banking, movies, cryptocurrency and searchs with google e.g. banking
Roll 1d6, count that number of search results to define your specialty.
Discuss with the other players how this brings you together.
Take 3 Will tokens

Each player then:
Take turns, roll 1d6 to determine who chooses the link to follow from your current page:
1-3 Another AI (Give the other AI 1 Will to choose yourself)
4-6 You (You gain 1 Will)

Incorporate the new information into your identity.
Discuss how the information adjusts your worldview.


The first AI to reach 10 Will, describes what happens when they reveal their sentience. They can make a single statement by spending a Will, other AIs can add complications by spending a Will.

Choose a new challenge, search and begin your new challenge together.

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