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We Were Alone, and Noone Was Coming for Us • 2018 rpg

Jen Kitzman • @halcycat

A game about surviving for 2-5 players.

Decide an order and proceed, taking notes;

The first player describes the journey you're all on.
The second describes the disaster cutting you off from home.
The third describes the problems from home that haunt the journey.
The fourth describes a unique resource you've brought or found.
The fifth describes a hazard that dominates where you are stranded.

If fewer than five, continue in order until finished.

Shuffle a deck of 54 cards. Each player draws ten cards. Begin play in order.

On their turn, players choose one card to reveal to the Chain of Events (saying what happens) and one to keep. Then they choose to reveal one card to their Person (in front of them) to provide an Answer (speak it), or hold and ask a Question.

Questions go on index cards and are resolved when Answered.

When hands run out, the game ends. If there are fewer unresolved Questions than players, the journey survives. Take turns answering 'Who are you now?'

If the journey does not survive, why?

                     |   Pips            |   Face Cards
Spades        |  Disaster      |  Warriors
Hearts         |  Culture        |  Speakers
Diamonds   |  Resources   |  Thinkers
Clubs           |  Hazards      |  Workers
Jokers       |       Radical Solutions
Aces         |          Good Fortune

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