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Lexiconjurers • 2018 rpg

John Fawkes •

This game is played in rounds.  At the start of the game, one player takes the role of the Archmage for the first round.  

At the start of each round, the archmage uses a random word generator to generate (10 + number of players) each of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  The archmage then narrates a problem that the players must solve.  

Players take turns describing how they would solve the problem by creating a spell using the words generated for that round.  Each spell must be created out of one or two nouns, one or two verbs, and up to two adjectives.  Adverbs, conjunctions and punctuation may be added to the spell name for free. 

Example: "penetrate critical system" could be a spell that hacks computers.

Players act in the order of whoever comes up with an idea first.  Players acting after the first in each round cannot re-use nouns, verbs and adjectives used by earlier players.

After all players have taken their turn, the archmage chooses a winner based on who's spell would have most effectively solved the problem.  That person is the archmage next round.  First player to win three rounds wins the game.  

Author Comments

There are a few random word generators out there, but here’s the one I used:

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