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Towel, Locker, Lube, a gay bath house LARP • 2018 rpg

Reed Macomber • @reedmacomber

10+ players, any gender.

SETTING: Maze, dim, club music.

Draw a random pregenerated man card for your character. Display the TRAITS side to other men.


Height: Average
Build: Heavyset
Fitness: Athletic
Age: Old
Dick: Hung
Body Hair: Smooth
Foreskin: Uncut

Likes: Short, Hairy, Micropenis, Heavyset
Dislikes: Young, Tall, Ripped, Cut
Fetishes: Spanking, Toys
Deal-breakers: Smoking, Piercings

Find men with traits matching your likes. Use body language to communicate interest.

Positive: smile, proximity, eye contact.
Negative: sneer, distance, open palm.

No touching.

Ask "Wanna fuck?" to have an ENCOUNTER and earn SATISFACTION.
Each man gains +/-1 satisfaction per liked/disliked trait.
Each man may suggest fetishes, e.g. "Wanna spank me?"
You take +2 if he agrees.
You take -1 if you agree to his fetish.
Either man can REJECT an unsatisfying encounter, ending it. No satisfaction is gained.
If he suggests a deal-breaker, automatically reject. -1 for both men.
You may ORGASM once for x2 satisfaction for that encounter, but -1 on future encounters.
When you agree on fetishes (if any) and calculate satisfaction, the encounter ends.

After 5 encounters, discard that character. Draw a new card. Try again.

The character with the most satisfaction wins.

Author Comments

This game attempts to be a simulation except in one regard: race is not a trait, a preference, a fetish, or a deal-breaker. In this way, it is idealistic. Thanks to beta readers Sharang Biswas, Jon Cole, Julian Hyde, & Peregrin Lorimer.

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