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Chain of Command • 2018 rpg

Craig A Eisenberger •

You and at least one other are the bridge crew of a damaged starship. The ship departments such as Propulsion, Weapons, Navigation, Communications, Medical, Research, Hanger Bay. 

Collaborate to invent interesting people and fun stories while working to fix the ship. 

Each department has its own crew and at least one thing broken. Crews have subordinate crews. 

For each crew, build the scene: What is broken? Why? How? Opinions about those above you in the chain? Talk through the fix. 

When ready to see if the fix works, flip a coin (or dice roll equivalent). If Heads, report up the chain that the issue was resolved. If Tails, go down the chain for the subordinate crew to crew fix something.  

E.g. Your crew's attempt to fix the reactor core (Tails) caused a problem with the cooling array that the cooling crew needs to fix. They fixed it (Heads)? Try your the reactor core again. 

Players should change leaders and roles each step down the chain. Diagrams and notes are useful for stepping back up the chain, remembering what the break/fix is, etc. 

End when the ship is fixed or players are bored 

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