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Duel of Wish • 2018 rpg

Dave Panfilo •

Duel of Wish is a two-player world-building role-playing game in which one player portrays a serene Djinn and the other portrays a cruel Ifrit. The Djinn's goal is to create a world of bliss and harmony. The Ifrit's goal is to create a world of suffering and chaos. The player who first suggested playing must portray the Ifrit. Once someone has played with a particular opponent, they may never play with them again.

Starting with the player who most recently attained their heart's desire, players take turns asking for and granting wishes. Djinn and Ifrit, after all, may only use their full and awesome power in the service of another. Each wish must be for some specific and worldly (if vast) circumstance, and must be performed to its letter, but not necessarily its intent. Given the Djinn and Ifrit's opposing visions for the world, perhaps they will take their foe's words and twist them to their own ends.

The game continues until one of the players has a prior obligation they must attend to, allowing their opponent to grant one more wish before they part ways. The world is then a settled thing.

Author Comments

Hello all! I haven’t published my own RPG system, but I have published a supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons called “Last Stand”. It aims to cure the ill of anticlimactic player character death! Check it out on DM’s Guild:–A-Worthy-Death

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