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Measurable Acts of Kinesthesia • 2018 rpg

Greg Bem •

Players. 8-800.
Materials. Notepads; writing instruments; closed-toe shoes (for safety); coin-toss app.
Role determination. Half of players are Performers and half are Observers. Selection is determined using coin/app. Players may exchange roles if desired. Players with physical handicap(s) are automatically Observers, but may be Performers if desired and are capable.
Functions. Observers create an action to fulfilled by Performers. Performers fulfill Observers' action and are measured by Observers via a rubric.
Setup. Observers design/define in writing a measurable, kinesthetic action. A rubric with at least one criteria is created to identify minimum requirements to pass an observation. Actions should be culturally relevant. Meanwhile, Performers prepare mentally and physically.
Gameplay. The kinesthetic action is announced. The game occurs in "rounds" of attempts by Performers. Performers who do not pass do not proceed to the next round. Each round requires pairing the remaining Performer with a new Observer to reduce bias.
Completion. The ending occurs when 25% of the original Performers have continuously completed the action, reaching its ideal form. If in an individual round no Performers pass the action, the game ends. Notes/scores should be fully shared to promote transparent observational research.

Author Comments

Many thanks to this community! Long live physical activity and good health!

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