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SwordMasters! • 2018 rpg

manwhat • no link

One player is the GM.
Everyone else is a mighty hero of powerful emotions.
Have one bright die, one dark die.

Players: Write down your name and the things most important to your character.

GM: Set the scene of danger, focusing on one character. Roll the dice - high die determines whether the scene mood is bright or dark.
Escalate the danger. Continue escalation until the player picks up the die themselves.
You cannot permanently break or kill anything a player has written.

Players: React and roleplay the action. The active player will pick up the dice when this has gone far enough. Roll them, noting bright or dark high. Narrate how you overcome danger for the moment, keeping in mind the die mood. If no die is above 3, your actions have consequences in the next scene.

GM: Decide whether to end the scene, or continue with the focus on a different player.

Next: New danger scene from the GM, or 'player asks' scene.

If 'player asks', asking player gives dice to active player and asks how a past or new danger or obstacle was overcome.
Active player rolls dice and narrates as above.

Continue scenes until the story ends.

Author Comments

This is my mini-fied version of ‘Swords Without Master’, by Epidiah Ravachol. Nothing new here - just a stripped down version of a great game.

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