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This is How We Died • 2018 rpg

Michael K. Young •

Write a bunch of things on slips of paper. Put them in a bowl. They can be real things like pianos, iguanas, or caramel. They can be concepts like happiness, obscurity, or downing. Call these "death cards."

Then write a bunch of rules on how to talk on different slips of paper. They can be things like "no words that start with 'L," "rhyming couplets," or "never use pronouns." Put them in a different bowl.

You are in the afterlife waiting to be reincarnated. Take turns. When it is your turn, grab one to three death cards and explain how you died from those things. Then it's the next person's turn.

When it is your turn again, you've died again. Dying hurts your brain. Grab a slip from the second bowl. Your brain has been broken so you can only talk that way. Grab more death slips and explain how you died again.

Keep going, adding more and more restrictions on how you can talk. If you run out, write up more or maybe the game just ends.  Go until you've all had enough. Laugh!

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