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Each Player Brings Something • 2018 rpg

Aaron A. Reed •

An object you have mixed feelings about. Something you could stand to lose but feels hard to let go of. Put it on the table before you. You won't have to reveal what it means to you.

Ask someone, about your own object: "Who does this belong to?" They'll improvise, whatever comes to mind. Now ask someone else. Both answers have some truth in them, but neither is entirely right. Synthesize: tell the group the right story.

Repeat until everyone's done this.

Go around again reconciling two stories, this time with the question "Who gave this to them?" And finally: "Why does it make them sad?"

Now close your eyes and hold your object. Think of its new story, but also the real truth behind it. Hold both in your head. There's some truth in each, but neither is entirely right. 

Decide whether you want to keep the object, or let it go.

When everyone's opened their eyes, don't speak. One by one either put your object back in your bag or pocket, or give it up: destroy it (if you can safely do so) or give it to someone else, who should never let you see it again.

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