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(Grave robbing is) Family Business • 2018 rpg

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Life's hard in 16th century Salzburg but you stick together. Game for gm and players.

Creating character:

Roll motivation(d6)
1 you like it
2 you're good
3 family
4 it's all you know
5 debt
6 temporary thing

Roll Family(d6). Your only Stat.

Roll specialty(d6):
1 citywise
2 laborer
3 contacts
4 history
5 literacy
6 subterfuge

When you're not in control or it's extra hard roll(1d6) and mark experience.

If you act alone, roll > Family to succeed.
If you work together,  one person rolls <Family to succeed. If they miss someone else may take over and uses their stat and only they suffer consequence.

When you roll exactly your Family you decide what happens and give additional experience to someone else.

Spend experience:
reroll (but get consequence) 
narrate result
change Family -/+1

GM stuff

Consequences: betrayed, hunted, exhausted, wounded, exposed, tricked, plagued, fearful.

Tombs/graves: quarantined, mass, ornate, rich, ascetic, blasphemous, deep, catacomb, criminal's, illegal, noble's, trapped.

People at the graveyard: lovers, drunkards, rivals, criminals, guards, gravediggers, doctors, witches, homeless, artists.

Loot: bodies, flowers,incense, religious symbols, clothes, gold teeth, wigs, jewellery, prosthetics.
People who buy bodies: doctors, eccentric nobles, witches, artists, students.

Author Comments

Based on my Warhammer Fantasy RPG memories . Great thanks to Aleksandra.

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