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Me & Alfred Roanoke: The 2-Player RPG • 2018 rpg

Matthew W. Schmeer •

You need:
- a six-sided die
- some paper
- something to write with

One player is THE PLAYER & the other is ALFRED ROANOKE.

You are a dumb hit man. Your partner is Alfred Roanoke. His job is to teach you the ropes & keep you from hurting yourself.

You have 3 skills: Neck Hug, Dumb Luck, & Looky Here. Distribute 6 points between the 3 skills.

You are in charge because your boss Parker partnered you with this here fool & told you to teach him the ropes. Oh Lordy Lordy.

You have 2 skills: Oh Hell No & Roof Toss. Distribute 5 points between the 2 skills.

Roll over stats for success. Whenever THE PLAYER wants to do something, roll the stat ALFRED ROANOKE says. ALFRED ROANOKE can help a fail (Roof Toss) or stop a success (Oh Hell No). 

You are in St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1993. Tell the story of what happens in one of the following scenarios or make up your own:

-  Mickey Two-Hats is eating pancakes at Dohack's.
-  We gotta repo this here '87 Toyota MR-2.
-  Little Charlie Gatz got the inside scoop.
-  Parker says Runt Kirkpatrick is bothering Betty again.

Author Comments

Full title: Me & Alfred Roanoke: The ONLY Officially Licensed 2-Player RPG™

Read the full backstory & on-going adventures of Me & Alfred Roanoke at:

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