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Mini Story • 2018 rpg

Mike Kayatta • @mikekayatta

Mismatched miniatures must get home after their owner accidentally leaves them at a local game shop. 


Embody a mini you've randomly selected from your collection or dreamed into being. 

You're 3" tall, plastic, and...
* Skilled; but especially known for one TALENT. 
* Flawed; but especially susceptible to one PITFALL.
* Loved; other minis are RIVALS.
* Ineffectual; you must cooperate to ACT.  
* Know humans can never learn minis are alive!

ACT as a party to get home. For your part in whatever plan's been cooked up, roll 1d6.

If party members are ~mostly~ your... 
* RIVALS; Roll another, take lowest.
* FRIENDS; Roll another, take highest.

If using a TALENT, ~also~ flip a coin.
* Heads; You impress! +2 to roll.
* Tails; Your PITFALL interferes. -1 to roll.

Total everyone's numbers. If higher than ABSURDITY value, the plan succeeds!

On FAIL, one mini shares a memory of your owner. One other mini can respond with a related memory. Their relationship improves one type: RIVAL < PAL < FRIEND. 


When players... 
* Look confused: Set scenes, introduce conflict.
* Make a plan: Decide its ABSURDITY value. (2 for "a bit absurd"; 4 for "pretty absurd"; 6 for "now that's absurd!") x (party size) 
* FAIL: Make getting home harder.

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