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You Know This One • 2018 rpg

Gary Arneson • no link

3d6 in order.  Probably at least twice: body and mind.  Maybe add speed,
soul, grit, charm, whatever.  Higher is better.  That describes you.

Tough guys: d8 for hit points.  Wimpy wizards, d4.  Others, d6.
Things hurt you and take away hit points.  Get to 0 and you die.  Get
them back with food and sleep.

d20 for combat.  Untrained hits unarmored half the time.  Skilled
fighter hits chainmail 3/4 of the time.  Small weapons: d4 damage.
Most things: d6.  Swords, axes: d8.  Zweihanders, halberds: 2d6 but go

Try other things.  Decide the odds, roll d6.  Lower is better.

After a while you get better at things.  Roll up some more hit points.
Hit and succeed more often.

Enemies have hit points and armor too.  Meaner equals more, but more
treasure, and you get better faster when defeating them.  Enemies can be
monsters.  People can be enemies.  People can be monsters.  Monsters can
be people.

Imagine stuff and make it happen.  Crawl into holes, kill goblins.
Conan and Gandalf team up to fight Donkey Kong.  Go nuts.  It's your

Wizards cast spells.  Make up their effects.  Go nuts.  It's your game.

Go nuts.  It's your game.

Author Comments

Clearly neither new nor overlooked. Interesting that you can capture the essence of the game in 200 words, though.

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